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  • Quang Nguyen

    Quang Nguyen

    I am a researcher in the field of Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Email: quangnhatnguyenle@gmail.com

  • Aleksey Bochkovskiy

    Aleksey Bochkovskiy

    Ex Intel

  • Soumya Gupta

    Soumya Gupta

    A castaway coder , I love to play with Data.

  • Luis Santiago

    Luis Santiago

    Software Engineer living in Miami. I am passionate about coding, growth mindset, and fitness. You can also find me exploring new countries and restaurants.

  • Zhanwen Chen

    Zhanwen Chen

    A grad student looking into all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Achintha Reemal

    Achintha Reemal

  • Vivek Shrivastava

    Vivek Shrivastava

    All things Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. E-Mail at platinum012@gmail.com

  • Eric Girouard

    Eric Girouard

    Boston based Software Engineer specializing in Hadoop and big-data development. I enjoy writing about that which I’m passionate about.

  • Veekesh Dhununjoy

    Veekesh Dhununjoy

    Data Scientist. Master’s in Big Data @SFU. More than 10 years experience in data management.

  • Javed Shaikh

    Javed Shaikh

    Building better future inspires me. Personal opinions.

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